Riverbank City – A Bremen Canvas

Vom 31.07.2013 in

A German city through Irish eyes. Bringing with him from North East Ireland an affinity for rivers, shipyards, docks and the sea, the poet Ian Watson put down roots in Bremen, North West Germany, where he has spent well over half his life. His initial culture shock merged into resigned acceptance into fondness into home. A commuter between two very different cultures, Watson lives not between, but inside both; his love of the city, his children’s birthplace, is still curved through the immigrant’s prism and filtered through another language, offering readers a new angle on Bremen. Watson goes with the flow, taking in tourist Bremen − the city he loves to show family visitors − but also touching little nooks and crannies that not even all ‘Bremer’ know. An interdisciplinary school project − Riverbank City: Bremen Life and History through English − is available, with exercises and projects based on the City Library (Altes Polizeihaus), the Überseestadt and other venues. The author will go into schools for discussions and writing workshops, and interested teachers can contact him via the publisher. An audio book is also in the making.

Riverbank City is an Irish poet’s attentive and loving view of the city he has adopted as his second home. In extraordinary images, Ian Watson catches special moments of his Bremen life, oscillating between poetic abundance, irony and sharp wit. This urban canvas is colourfully painted by a great poet with a great heart.“ (Elke Marion Weiß)