Collected Poems, 2013

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Sujata Bhatt’s poems, ‘Search for my Tongue’, ‘Muliebrity’, ‘A Different History’ and other works, are familiar to many British readers, who study them at school. Ever since the publication of her first collection, Brunizem, in 1988, her poetry has been a favourite with those excited by new geographies and forms, and by issues of language and gender.
Her Collected Poems trace a fascinating development. In the early work her imagination stays close to Pune, India, and its languages (including Gujarati, her mother tongue), landscapes, people and customs. After her family’s exile she had to re-invent Pune in her writing. As the poet moves to Europe following her education in the United States, her poems continue in their vocation of reinvention. Elegies, ekphrastic work, travel and landscape pieces make up a complex world which is always lyrical in impulse. In Bhatt’s work, poetry is a place where nothing is certain and there are surprises with each reading.